Mr.Burns a post-electric play
March, 2015

Mr. Burns

U.C. San Diego 

directed by Jack Rueler

music by Michael Friedman

lyrics by Ann Washburn

costume design Janet O'Neill

scenic design Andrea Healy
lighting design Gwickyoung Ko
sound design Victor Zupanc


Forum Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego CA

February 2015


Photo Credit: Jim Caromody & Will Given


Masks Crafted in collaboration by Sarrah Wilkinson, Red Nebula Studio


Crochet Hats Crafted in Collaboration by Etsy Artists: Suestitch, Wild Daffodil, Myknittingworld



Act 1 Present Day: Costumes are not clothing or a costume, they are character. The introduction of these very different people meeting under extreme circumstances, I used the actors preexisting traits and found their characters traits within them.  Each item on their body exposes bits of who they are and how they have coped with the fall of society.


Act 2 7yr. Later: Without power, but years to reestablish livable conditions, these same characters have created a system of survival. Scavenged assortments of random fashions show how what was once luxury now is defaced for functionality.


Act 3 77yr. Later: Just how today we look back on the past with our thoughts of how life was; this act is the expression of that. Items and colors have been foreshadowed and now they are expressed with greater spectacle-magnificence. Natural fibers, hand made items with a touch of this futures ‘fashion’.

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