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Burial at Thebes

U.C. San Diego 

Royal Family
Creon Collage
Creon Rendering
King Creon
Press Core Response to the new law
Antigone Collage
Antigone Rendering
The arrest of Antigone
Antigone buries Polynices
Ismene Collage
Ismene Rendering
Ismane accused for the burial
Antigone's plea to Ismene
Eurydice Rendering
Euridyce exits
Haemon Rendering
Haemon and Creon, News interview
Guard Rendering
The Guard, Messenger and Creon meet
Polynices Rendering
Found body of Polynices
Chorus Rendering
Channel 5 News Team reads new law
Inauguration of King Creon
Tiresias warns Thebes
The death of King Creon's family
The last words due to Creon's storm
Tiresias and Antigone
Thebes Color Palette

directed by Sarah Wansley

costume design Janet O'Neill

scenic design Lily Bartenstein
lighting design Bo Tindell
sound design Andrew Vargas


Forum Theatre, La Jolla Playhouse, San Diego CA

November 2014


Photo Credit: Jim Caromody & Will Given


UCSD 3rd Year Directors Thesis

Set in a mythic land halfway between ancient Thebes and Washington D.C., this contemporary adaptation of Sophocles' Antigone asks which is more important, the laws of man or the laws of the gods? This theis production focus on the politcal and the personal investigation of American culture. 

Each character’s silhouette is built around the images we see so frequently on the news, in papers and in social media. Color is the distinguishing factor to visually delineate class and position within the dress of a contemporary world. Harking back to clothing shown in classical art, the royal-presidential family imitates colors of Greek “Red-Figure” pottery: red, black, and orange. These became the colors of Thebes. Those of lower status were muted in a gray wash, much like the white and gray of statues in classical art. The clean, contemporary style lines built to sculpt each body with a tightly controlled color palette, aim for poetic simplicity. 

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