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Indie Film

Plot: After leaving Earth in the late 80's, an alien returns to reconnect with his best friend, but finds a world now obsessed with technology.

Team: The cast is comprised of 60% women, including 3 of the 5 leads. The character's ages range from 8-80. And over half of the speaking roles are for actors of color. Behind the camera, we have a wealth of diversity producing this film and crewing up.


Director: Dennis Donovan

Producer: Diana Rivera Vera

Costume Design: Janet O'neill 


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Los Elementos presents
Couture Fashion Week 2017

Opera recycles by opera Carolina invited new york city opera's production of Los Elementos to perform as part of the fashion week entertainment. Read more info in Press!


Costume Design: Janet O'Neill 



Moncler Grenoble
New York Fashion Week 2017

Wardrobe Supervisor: Gretchen Anthony

Dresser: Janet O'Neill (1 of 20)

NY Fashion Week, New York, NY


80 models 

backstage and quick change dresser



Oscars Opener
live with Kelly 

Production Manager: John Ogle

Costume Designer: Janet O'Neill

ABC/Disney LIVE with Kelly & Ryan, New York, NY

Opener costumes



film 2016

Writer/ Producer: Adam Mansbach

Director: Vikram Gandhi

Costume Designer: Amela Baksic

Costume PA: Janet O'Neill

Black Bear Pictures INC., New York, NY



Pilot 2015

Producer: Ava Bogle

Writer/ Producer: Val Dillman

Writer/Director: Rachel Avery 

Director: Josh Covitt 

Hollywood Rivera Studios, Hollywood CA


Associate Costume Design: Janet O'Neill 

Wardrobe: Janet O'Neill



Camera Focus, SnapDragon​
Commercial 2015

Producer: Josh Oliver

Director: Brent Florence

TenStories Visiual Art INC., San Diego 


Costume Design: Janet O'Neill 

Wardrobe: Janet O'Neill



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