Dee(a)r Spine

U.C. San Diego Dance Theater

Dee(a)r Spine
Dee(a) Rendering
Dee(a)r Spine
Dee(a)r Spine
Dee(a)r Spine
Musician Rendering
Dee(a)r Spine
Pascola Mask Sketch
The Trickster
The Trickster

choreographed by Sam Mitchell

music director Tommy Babin 

costume designer  Janet O'Neill

scenic designer     Raphael Zhao

lighting designer   Bo Tindell

projection design Bo Tindell


See video under: Look Book in the Media Gallery 

Dance Studio 3, U.C. San Diego, San Diego CA

February 2014


Photo Credit: Will Given 


UCSD 2nd Year Design Project 

Dee(a)r Spine is Sam’s very personal exploration and re-interpretation of the Yaqui Deer Dance. Sam has felt a great need to explore and connect with the culture of his parents and this particular piece is a moved and moving meditation on genealogy and connection to the land.


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